giovedì 5 giugno 2008

Lastovo island

Lastovo is a small Croatian island in the south of Dalmazia. It was military base, so prohibit at the tourist from about 1990.Today the island is little inhabited and little frequented by tourists. The nature is green and the sea magnific. In this island the time is really stopped, the life is simply and all run with slowness.

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crittoria ha detto...

It looks like my kind of place - quiet and simple. Beautiful!

Dan ha detto...

Looks like a great place. Croatia is on my list of places to visit. My family originally are from Spic.

Thanks for the visit to my blog and your kind comments!

Anonimo ha detto...

it must be a very beautiful and peaceful place. thank you for your visit and kind coments

M.Benaut ha detto...

This must be a wonderful island to visit.
Can you get there by boat from Pescara ? Or do you have to drive, - quite a long distance !

Thanks for your kind wishes on my birthday, Vero.

Eravate molto gentili ricordarsi di questo

vero ha detto...

Hi, M Benaut, we get to Split by boat from Ancona!